Undoubtedly, only one nation like Albanians can endure it

Undoubtedly only a nation like Albanians can endure and go after half a century of political leaders! Anyway Berisha has decided to release the last cartridges. As soon as I read that they officially applied 375,000 people to the American lottery. Meanwhile, a greater number than this are attempting employment or black labor contracts in EU countries. Private German language courses no longer have empty chairs.

Of course, the Albanian dream has come to an end. Albania is transformed into a mega Astir. Unemployment, theft, crime, drug trafficking, frauds and full cafes. Barns do not need to be legalized at any local night or motel hundreds of women work better illegally because they are avoiding taxes. Mini protests in every corner of the country, with reason or no reason.

There is no need for 10 people to go out for beer because they get Lulzim Basha with the camera and take the “cause” by selling it to the media as a civil disobedience. Certainly the massive frustration came from the government of Elisas that was filled with “cocktails” and dumped the promise of Renaissance 2013.

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